About the Artist

Donna Usher received her BFA in painting and BS in art education from Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA. She received her MFA with Honors from the University of Delaware, Newark, DE. Ms. Usher is an art professor emerita from West Chester University, West Chester, PA.

Ms. Usher's paintings and sculptures have been exhibited in over 70 national and international juried and invitational exhibitions. Her artwork is in the permanent collections of the National Centre of Fine Arts, Cairo, Egypt; The Museum of Cozumel, Mexico; Reading Art Museum, Reading, PA; American Restaurant Association Corporate Offices, Philadelphia, Pa; Verizon Corporate Offices, Franklin Mint, Aston, PA; West Chester University, Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA; the Regional Center for Women in Arts, West Chester, PA; the Downingtown Public Library and numerous private collections.

"Like such great composers as Beethoven and Mozart, Usher gives voice to a mystical sense of both spiritual and emotional elevation. In a bright vocabulary of unexpected pattern and intense color, her forms articulate a rare state of infinite transcendence. Instead of offering snap-shots describing obvious material objects seen in the ordinary, everyday world she brings a universe of pure invention and balanced order into being. The paintings she puts together add up to a reality with an inspired esthetic life of its own."
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Dr. Burt Wasserman
Art Critic for ICON magazine
"Meditations, the series of recent paintings by Donna Usher, defines a multi-layered works of infinite dimensions. The viewer from this organic planet journeys through an atmosphere filled with colorful forms in constant cyclical motion towards an endless universe. Nothing is static yet everything is held together, conforming to an ancient mantra. Each painting is an invitation to contemplation; a unique experience in confrontation with other, more vociferous, works of art."
Anne R. Fabbri
Art Critic

"Usher's abstract paintings typically feature multiple layers of densely patterned spheres with seemingly endless variations in color, size, and texture. The extreme detailed often obsessive nature of her work is mesmerizing especially in the multi-layered paintings where overlapping circular forms appear to infinitely recede. There is a sense that you are peering into a cosmic universe-a world without dimensions."
Leah Douglas
Director of Exhibitions
Philadelphia International Airport

Donna Usher's August 13, 2011 Commencement Speech for the Inaugural Graduation of Moore College of Art and Design's graduating MFA in Studio Arts and MA in Art Education with a Focus on Special Populations students.

Ms. Usher's paintings are represented by:
LGTripp Gallery


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